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Our new voyage online! Tashi Delek!


Welcome to our cyberstore!!  This space is an extension of our 18 year old boutique Pema Kharpo, in Seattle WA!  We are grateful and care for the people who frequent our store, and feel fortunate to meet and experience the many kind and loving people attracted to the gifts from the Himalayan People.  Those gifts are many, but we always felt the greatest gems are the wisdom of the practices carried over millenniums of meditation, mindfulness, and disciplines that empower each of us towards optimal health of body and mind.  No one can sell that, we each have to work on it ourselves.  

We sell are tools related to those disciples.     ...and we sell small luxuries here and there to help us gift others and ourselves. 

We are two people who started this Pema Kharpo store: Rigdzin and Marguerite.  We both were, and continue to be, idealist who believe in the greater possibilities of community and Utopian visions.  We started Pema Kharpo with that in mind, to create a space that buys and sells handicrafts fairly, and that offers authentic voices that inspire Tibetan practitioners.  We try to focus on quality and authenticity, both in our stores and within ourselves as shop keepers.  

Warm wishes that together we create a more healthy, enlightened people!

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